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Tesla Model Y 2-seat

This One-of-a-kind 2-Seat Tesla Model Y Has A 2,158-litre Boot

France becomes the only country in the world to offer a Tesla Model Y in a 2-seat configuration.

In a truly unique development, Tesla is offering a 2-seat Model Y in France. It is designed to be used as a commercial vehicle. The details of this report emerged from Clément MAGUET on LinkedIn. He is a Senior Account Manager at Tesla, France. This post mentions that France has a fleet of around 6.3 million commercial vehicles at the moment. Most of them still use diesel as the default fuel.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

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2-Seat Tesla Model Y

In a bid to offer an environment-friendly commercial transportation solution going forward, Tesla France is offering this unorthodox solution. With the rear seats removed, a cavernous 2,158-litre boot space is liberated. Additionally, this model takes the range to 565 km on a single charge. Hence, the most successful EV in the world can be purchased in an all-new avatar to tackle the challenges regarding diesel emissions.

This LinkedIn post also mentions that it could be used as an “additional alternative to professional mobility, whether for the transport of goods or as an emergency vehicle”. This model will be exclusively available across the Tesla stores in France. You could visit any of the following locations to experience it:

  • From March 4 to March 18 at Strasbourg
  • March 18 to April 1 at Lille
  • April 1 to 22 Paris
  • April 22 to May 6 at Rennes Et Nantes
  • May 6 to 20 Bordeaux
  • May 20 to June 3 to Toulouse
  • From June 3 to June 17 at Aix En Provence
  • June 17 to July 30 at Lyon

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Reason For 2-Seat Configuration

Various nations have specific laws for commercial establishments in order to boost businesses. Similarly, even France offers taxation benefits on commercial vehicles. These include high taxes for cars with four or more seating capacity. In order to avail tax benefits, Tesla will be offering this 2-seat version specifically for commercial players which will help them save thousands of Euros. Not to mention, the popularity and market share of Tesla cars in the country will expand.

Tesla Model Y Interior
Tesla Model Y Interior

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Learn Electric Cars Says

EV makers are adopting all sorts of techniques to boost mass adoption and get electric cars into the homes of most people all across the globe. The range anxiety issue can only be minimized once people actually commence experiencing EVs in the first place. In many parts of the world, while EV sales have risen significantly in comparison to the previous years, the demand has been lower than anticipated.

With models like these, there could be a boost in sales. Surprisingly, this is not the first time Tesla has experimented with something like this. Back in 2018, Tesla offered a 2-seat Model S as a utility vehicle in the USA. Therefore, it might be relatively scarce to witness such iterations of prominent automobiles, but carmakers in general, and Tesla in particular, are trying innovative ploys to utilize government subsidies and taxation benefits to popularize EVs. We might see more of such cases in other parts of the world going forward.

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