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Global EV Sales January 2024

8 Out Of Top 10 Highest Selling EVs Are Chinese

The list of highest selling EVs in January 2024 across the globe is out and the Chinese dominance is on full display.

As per the latest global EV sales data by EV Volumes (part of J.D. Power), as many as 8 electric cars out of the top 10 highest selling EVs come from Chinese carmakers. Whether we like it or not, the Chinese automobile market drives the trends in global automotive sales. As a matter of fact, China contributed more than 60% to the total global EV sales in January 2024. That is a staggering statistic. Note that we are only discussing BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) in this post.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y Side Profile

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Top 10 Highest Selling EVs

Since it takes some time to collect data from across the globe, the sales for January have been confirmed. The sales of BEVs surged by a significant 48% on a year-on-year basis, while that of PHEVs (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles) witnessed an exponential 91% jump. That latter is down to the massive popularity of PHEVs in China. Note that most PHEVs in China are REVs (Range Extended Vehicles) which typically have a significant 30-40 kWh batteries. These are capable of fast charging too. Here is the list of the top 10 pure EVs in January 2024:

  • Tesla Model Y – 74,230 units
  • Tesla Model 3 – 35,109 units
  • BYD Seagull – 28,050 units
  • BYD Dolphin – 23,213 units
  • BYD Yuan Plus / Atto 3 – 23,062 units
  • Changan Lumin – 16,041 units
  • Wuling HongGuang Mini EV – 15,521 units
  • Wuling Bingo – 11,746 units
  • Geely Panda Mini – 11,092 units
  • GAC Aion Y – 10,258 units

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Top 5 EV Carmakers In January 2024

While the individual EV models are exciting, it also makes sense to keep track of the carmakers overall. After the last quarter of 2023, it will always be fascinating to see BYD and Tesla collide for the number 1 spot. At least for the first month of 2024, the Chinese counterpart has the lead. Here are the top 5 carmakers in the world in terms of EV sales:

  • BYD – 195,411 units
  • Tesla – 113,978 units
  • Geely – 41,415 units
  • BMW – 36,414 units
  • Wuling – 35,878 units
BYD Dolphin Exterior Front Three Quarters
BYD Dolphin Exterior Front Three Quarters

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Learn Electric Cars Says

As automobile aficionados and reporters, it excites us to keep track of the latest trends in the global automotive industry. Analyzing trends and anticipating the immediate future is what drives us. It is looking imminent that electric vehicles are here to stay for the long run. Sure there are still innumerable challenges that need fixing along with government assistance. Still, with time, things are bound to get better (charging infrastructure, affordability, battery technology, etc.) to facilitate mass adoption. The signs for this year look promising as confirmed by the actual EV sales numbers. Let us see how things pan out in the coming months.