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Volvo EX30 Recalled Due To Software Glitch

Around 72,000 Volvo EX30 EVs Recalled Due To Software Bug

The bug is causing the digital speedometer to enter ‘test’ mode.

Volvo has recalled almost 72,000 EX30 electric SUVs for a software glitch. The Geely-owned Swedish carmaker has been struggling with issues pertaining to software glitches for a while now. You must remember that the production of the large EX90 electric SUV was delayed by over 6 months due to the same reason last year. In fact, the 3-row electric SUV went into production last week at Volvo’s Charleston plant in South Carolina.

Volvo EX30 Electric SUV Front Three Quarters
Volvo EX30 Electric SUV Front Three Quarters

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Volvo EX30 EVs Recalled

The bug is sending the digital speedometer into ‘test’ mode for some reason. This was occurring on the central vertically-oriented touchscreen. However, the best thing about most software issues in any modern EV is the fact that the owners don’t have to queue up at the service center for hours. The approximately 72,000 affected vehicles were conveniently fixed by an over-the-air (OTA) update. Hence, the EX30 owners were not bothered by this problem all that much.

Note that the EX30 deliveries were delayed earlier this year due to another software glitch. Unfortunately, Volvo has consistently been plagued by such electrical anomalies for quite some time now. But the EX90 production hurdle has been overcome and this latest bug has also been fixed. We can only hope that Volvo doesn’t encounter any more obstacles as the brand expands its footprint in various international markets.

Another poignant information pertaining to Volvo EX30 is that some parts of the production will now move from China to Belgium (Europe) to prevent tariffs which the EU is planning to slap on Chinese-made vehicles. Interestingly, this is not a last-moment reaction to these tariffs. Volvo had the Belgium production plan in the works for a while now. Hence, there won’t be a huge issue shifting the production to Europe from China.

Volvo EX30 Electric SUV Interior
Volvo EX30 Electric SUV Interior

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As automotive electronics increase in modern cars, it becomes crucial to understand that the fixes are also mostly over-the-air. However, it is slightly concerning that these software glitches can be this frequent in an established carmaker like Volvo. Therefore, we must be aware of the kind of world we live in. I don’t think this is something to be worried about. Most bugs are easily fixed with software updates anyway.

Companies keep working behind the scenes to take care of these problems. Essentially, the relevance of tech companies is evident in modern cars. That is also the reason why we see tech companies trying to get into the business of making cars. Xiaomi, Apple (Apple has dropped the plans now), Sony, etc. are perfect examples of this. There are minimal hardcore mechanical components in modern EVs. Electronics form the biggest portion of any modern automobile. Hence, such issues are going to be rather common in our world going forward.