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Hyundai Inster EV Teaser Image

Hyundai Casper-based Inster Sub-compact EV Teased w/ 355 km of Range

Once launched, it will be the cheapest electric car from the Korean auto giant by quite some margin.

Hyundai has officially teased the Casper-based Inster sub-compact EV ahead of the debut at the Busan International Mobility Show in late June. The first glimpses of the A-segment EV evidently inform about Casper’s inspiration. Note that Casper is a Korea-only sub-compact SUV which was introduced back in 2021. It was almost imminent that an electric version of the Casper would eventually make its way into the international market at some point. Later this month, we get to acquaint ourselves with the Inster at the Busan International Mobility Show in South Korea.

Hyundai Inster Teaser Image - Front
Hyundai Inster Teaser Image – Front

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Hyundai Inster Sub-Compact EV

The official images surfaced courtesy of an official press release by Hyundai. The first aspect one notices is the round LED DRLs on the bumper. On top of these sit LED plus pixel-graphic turn indicators on the bonnet. Hyundai is following the modern approach of placing the main headlights on the bumper. These bear a striking resemblance with the Casper. The silhouette even captures functional roof rails. That accentuates the SUV-ish traits even further. The charging point is located at the front and one can also see a rather unique 4-spoked alloy wheel pattern.

While it is a bit difficult to estimate the dimensions of the EV from these images, I reckon they would be in the vicinity of Casper. Interestingly, the teaser images even capture a tiny bit of the rear profile. Here, we witness the ‘Inster’ badging and pixel LED taillamp pattern. This is something similar to what the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 get. I am also inclined to believe that it will bear an upright stance, much similar to the Casper. Hyundai says that the ‘Inster’ name is derived from “intimate” and “innovative” and “it will set new standards in terms of driving range, technology, and safety features, redefining what buyers can expect from a vehicle in this class.”

Since the sub-compact EV is yet to debut, we don’t have any details regarding the powertrain and battery. However, the press release states that the maximum projected range of the Hyundai Inster EV will be 355 km (220 miles) (WLTP). Hence, we can ascertain that it is for urban usage as a daily driver rather than for long highway hauls. That is in line with what one expects from the estimated €20,000 (~ $21,500) price tag EV.

Hyundai Inster Teaser Image - Rear
Hyundai Inster Teaser Image – Rear

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The world is moving toward affordable electric cars. In order to make EVs mass market, cost is the primary hurdle. We have seen the EV demand, sort of, plateauing in recent times in the biggest automobile markets – the U.S. and China. I feel in order to spur the demand now, the masses have to be involved. The first wave attracted contributions more from the relatively affluent sections of society. However, to make EVs a household name, prices have to be lower.

That is where sub-$25,000 EVs come into the picture. Once the initial costs drop, people will be more open to taking the plunge. Granted, a lot of work still needs to be done on developing adequate charging infrastructure. But that is a long-term process and is being done rapidly. Finally, governments all across the major automobile markets in the world are offering incentives and subsidies to promote EVs. With time, we should be able to see the impact of all these factors. An EV like the Inster could be instrumental in creating a wave of affordable electric cars in times to come.