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Munro MK_1 Exterior Front Profile

Munro MK_1 is an Electric SUV with Traces of Land Rover Defender

The electric era of rugged off-roading SUVs has commenced as we are getting new-age capable EVs.

The Munro MK_1 is an electric SUV that would instantly remind you of the original Land Rover Defender. The latter is one of the most iconic SUVs ever built. Munro is a Scottish carmaker. The MK_1 has been designed, engineered and built in Scotland. It is a sturdy EV that focuses purely on hardcore off-roading abilities. In addition, its silhouette resembles the OG Defender from back in the day.

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Munro MK_1 Exterior - Front
Munro MK_1 Exterior - Front

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Munro MK_1 Electric SUV – Specs

It is offered in three trims – Utility, Range and Performance. All these have a dual-motor 4×4 setup as standard. The Utility has a 56.3 kWh (usable) battery and 204 km (127 mi) range, while the Range and Performance have a 75.8 kWh (usable) battery and 275 km (171 mi) range. These batteries have Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide cell chemistry and locking front and rear differentials. The max power and torque figures range from 295 hp – 375 hp and 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) – 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) respectively.

The acceleration from 0-60 mph (96 km/h) takes 4.9 secs in the top variant. The maximum payload is 1,000 kg for all trims and the maximum towing capacity is 2,500 kg (Utility) and 3,500 kg (Range and Performance). Its bigger battery takes 36 mins to charge from 15-80% via 100 kW DC charger. The approach, ramp and departure angles are 84°, 148° and 51° respectively and the ground clearance is a colossal 480 mm (18.9 in). It has steel wheels with standard all-terrain tyres and a water-wading capacity of 800 mm.

Munro MK_1 Electric SUVSpecs
Battery (usable)56.3 & 75.8 kWh
Range127 mi – 171 mi
Range204 km – 275 km
Power295 hp – 375 hp
Torque600 Nm – 700 Nm
DC Rapid Charging36 mins (15-80%)
Acceleration (0-96 km/h)4.9 secs – 7.6 secs

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Off-Roading and Storage

The Munro MK_1 has a cavernous 1,600 litres (56.5 cu ft) loading compartment which can essentially carry just about everything you would need on long off-roading excursions.

Approach Angle84°
Ramp (Break-over) Angle148°
Departure Angle51°
Ground Clearance480 mm (18.9 in)
Water Wading800 mm
Boot Volume1,600 litres (56.5 cu ft)
Off-Roading and Storage

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Munro MK_1 Electric SUVFeatures and Price

Since the sole focus of the Munro MK_1 is utility, there are absolutely basic features including heated seats, heated windscreen, climate control with heat pump, LED cabin lights, household power outlets, USB-C ports, dust and waterproof switchgear, aluminium plates for the dashboard and parts of doors which are durable and easy to replace.

Munro MK_1 Exterior - Rear
Munro MK_1 Exterior - Rear

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The deliveries will commence next year (2024) and the prices for the three variants are £59,994, £71,994 and £83,994 respectively. That prices are inclusive of VAT and the bookings can be made for a £1,000 token amount.