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Tesla Hits 6 Million Total Sales

Tesla Clocks 6 Million Lifetime Sales, 1 Million In Last 6 Months

Tesla announced, via its X handle, that it just produced its 6 millionth car, ironically, the Model Y.

Tesla becomes the first EV maker on the planet to achieve 6 million lifetime sales. Despite stiff competition from the Chinese auto giant, BYD, the American giant has stood its own. Sure, there were a few hiccups, particularly in the last year. The overall sales and demand have been lower than anticipated. The competition is increasing with each passing day. But hitting this magical number should boost the confidence of the team to handle future challenges with new vigour.

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Tesla Hits 6 Million Lifetime Sales

Tesla took to X to announce this impressive milestone. The post read, “Produced our 6 millionth car! Thank you to our owners & teams around the world for your support & hard work-it truly matters.” Along with this text, there is a warm video clip of the massive team with visual representations confirming 6 million sales. You must already know that the Model Y is the highest-selling EV on the planet, significantly contributing to this ginormous number.

The American EV giant has surely come a long way from 2008 when it first launched the Roadster. You would be surprised to know that it took Tesla 12 years to hit 1 million sales, just 15 months to hit 2 million sales and 10 months to achieve 3 million sales. It was only in March 2023 that Tesla completed 4 million sales. Finally, in September 2023, Tesla announced its 5 million sales. Fast forward to today, an unprecedented number of 6 million comes to life.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

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Even though Tesla is alone at the top of the summit in terms of lifetime EV sales, things are looking challenging ahead. Realizing this, Tesla is working relentlessly to enter and conquer new markets before the competition arrives. There are still huge markets to be captured including India, Turkey, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and parts of Europe. Hence, it needs to keep working at lightning speed.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Chinese auto giants are doing everything in their power to expand their footprint as well. Some of them are already so big in their domestic market, that their sales numbers are just through the roof. With further plans of flooding the international markets with relatively inexpensive products, they will surely make things extremely difficult for Elon Musk’s Tesla. In any case, the potential customers stand to benefit as car marques will try to offer the best products with the latest tech and performance at affordable prices.

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