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Used Tesla Model 3

Would You Buy A Used Tesla Model 3 For $13,700?

Even though mass volumes in EVs are not prevalent, there are still opportunities to purchase used Tesla cars for an absolute bargain!

If you ever wanted to buy a Tesla Model 3, even if it is a used model, this might interest you. A prominent car rental company, Hertz is offering some units from its fleet with prices starting as low as $17,700. Now, after applying the IRA credit, this amount could drop down to a mouth-watering $13,700. That is a bargain if I ever saw one. But what could be some things to watch out for?

Tesla Model3
Tesla Model3

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Will You Buy Used Tesla Model 3?

Car rental agencies selling some vehicles from their fleets is not uncommon. In fact, they often do so to make room for new cars and still gain some revenue by clearing their stock. Often times, they just want to upgrade their fleet to the latest models. In any case, such scenarios create opportune times for potential car buyers to get cars at massively discounted prices. Sure there is a high mileage on these cars. But that is a trade-off a lot of people are willing to make, depending on their personal siutation.

Warranty of Tesla Cars

Tesla offers a 100,000-mile warranty on the battery. That is the critical decision one needs to make. Battery is the single most expensive component of an electric car. If it needs to be changed for any reason, it will be a huge expenditure. To make things slightly better for the potential buyers, Hertz is offering a 12-month, 12,000-mile limited warranty on all cars it is selling. If you wish to experience a Tesla for a limited period of time, this might not be a bad opportunity. Note that most batteries run well beyond their warranty periods if kept in a decent condition.

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Potential Issues With Used EVs

Since we are discussing how enticing such offers could be, it makes sense to glance through the potential problems that could crop up after buying a used electric car as well. These don’t just apply to this Tesla deal but to an overall situation before buying any used EV.

  • Battery Health: The condition of the battery has to be at the top of the priority list when inspecting a used EV. As mentioned previously, it is the single most expensive component of any EV. You must research well about the degradation level of the battery before going for a used EV.
  • Warranty and Service History: You should ask for original warranty certificates prior to making a purchase decision. There could be many cases where electric cars are still under warranty. Apart from that, it is imperative to have the service records to know how well the owner has maintained the car.
  • Software Updates: The thing with EVs is that most of them rely on software updates to optimize efficiency and range. Since so many electronics are used in EVs, software updates can fix a lot of issues. This is also applicable for battery performance. Therefore, make sure to have the latest software running in the car to ensure maximum performance in every regard.
  • Spare Parts Availability: Finally, you must ensure that the model you are opting for is not obsolete. In such cases, it would be extremely difficult to procure spare parts for it. In fact, things would get even more challenging with the passage of time. Hence, don’t just think of the next few months, but rather of the next few years in this aspect.

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Learn Electric Cars Says

We understand the temptation one might have when they come across such attractive offers. In fact, that is not just limited to EVs. People often opt for this route to buy luxury cars. But the issues with luxury cars are also the same. Even though the initial cost might be low, the maintenance costs could get absurdly high. With EVs, there is an additional cause of worry due to the battery prices. Hence, you must do your due diligence before making this huge decision. We hope you think clearly as per your needs whether you should buy a used Tesla Model 3 or not.

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