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Tesla Cybertruck Issues With CCS Charging

Tesla Cybertruck Issues With CCS Adapter, Slow Charging

Tesla sells the CCS adapter with its EVs separately with which the car owners can plug into appropriate chargers in addition to Tesla’s own Supercharging network.

As per some latest social media posts of Tesla Cybertruck owners, some issues are cropping up while connecting to the CCS (Combined Charging System) adapter. After a delay of 4 years, the American EV giant finally commenced deliveries of the electric pickup truck last month. The owners and car experts are testing various aspects of the ownership and sharing their experience on social media. In one such case, a certain Kyle Conner highlights the issues while connecting the CCS adapter.

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Tesla Cybertruck Issues With CCS Adapter

As per the information in this X post, Kyle mentions, “CCS adapter doesn’t interface with the Cybertruck due to the plastic wheel arches. We ripped those suckers off and plugged it in Wasn’t able to charge at a high voltage charger but it’s possible a low voltage one could work, but then what’s the point? Still more testing to be done, I have to try a few more units to see if this was a comms oddity with the Delta high power.”

The man clearly mentions that he had to remove the cladding from the wheel arch of the Cybertruck. That is when he is just about able to plug it in. However, the electric pickup truck was not able to recoup energy at the high voltage EVgo charging station. That is quite weird. Admittedly, he didn’t try charging it at a lower-voltage charging station. That is understandable since it would be too time-consuming and would never be a real option while on the go.

We must iterate that Tesla EVs are compatible with the NACS (North American Charging Standard) plug at Tesla’s Supercharging stations. But for people who wish to achieve peace of mind by making the $250 purchase for a CCS adapter, this could be a cause of worry. Having the ability to visit any charging station is immensely beneficial to curb range anxiety while on the road. Therefore, people often buy this adapter additionally to secure flexibility of charging.

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck

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Tesla prides itself on its dense and effective Supercharging stations. In all honesty, these are the benchmarks when it comes to the charging standards, at least in the USA. Therefore, fundamentally, there aren’t too many issues with the charging process for most of its EVs. However, people want the convenience of having all the equipment to ensure that they can plug their EVs in at any charging station across the country, which is where the adapters come into the picture.

Now, if there are compatibility or charging speed issues with these adapters, it is quite concerning. It is also possible that this issue only crops up on the newest Tesla family member, the Cybertruck. Still, we hope that the American EV maker will look into this and make the necessary changes. This is critical in the face of growing competition in the EV industry at the moment.

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