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Electric Car Sales in Norway

91.5% of All Cars Sold in Norway in March 2024 Were Electric

Norway is well on its way to banning the sales of petrol cars by as early as next year!

Norway has displayed exemplary practices in embracing electric cars, boosting sales and banning petrol and diesel cars in the next few years. We know that Norway has been ahead of the entire world in terms of EV adoption for a long time now. You would be surprised to know that in March 2024, the BEVs sold in Norway comprise of 91.5% of all new car sales in the country.

Out of these, 89.3% were BEVs, 5.7% were hybrids (HEV), and 2.2% were plug-in hybrids (PHEV). Shockingly, there were only 2% cars which had a diesel engine. Intriguingly, the sales of petrol cars were almost negligible. That has to be one of the most unique sales distribution charts you’ll see in this modern world.

Electric Car Sales in Norway Reach 91.5%
Electric Car Sales in Norway Reach 91.5%

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Norway Electric Cars Sales

Norway is one of those nations, where EVs from the USA and China sell together. The Chinese carmakers include the likes of BYD and Xpeng. Apart from that, there are other major car marques including Tesla, Toyota, VW, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda and more. Hence, there are tons of options for the buyers to choose from. This has led to a situation where the country has 700,358 BEVs on the road and 776,003 petrol cars. By the end of this year, it is possible that the total BEVs will outnumber the petrol cars.

Additionally, there are a total of 339,724 hybrid cars on Norwegian roads. However, there is still some time for BEVs to overtake diesel cars – 1,068,929. But it is clear that the sales of petrol cars are negligible and are unlikely to grow going foward. Hence, BEVs can overtake petrol car sales by the end of 2025. Let us also take a look at the top 10 BEVs sold in Norway in March 2024.

Tesla Model Y1,987
Toyota bZ4759
Hyundai Kona257
VW ID.Buzz244
Toyota Proace234
MG 4230
Tesla Model 3220
Nissan Leaf199
Hyundai IONIQ 5190
Nissan Arya161
Top 10 Highest-Selling EVs in Norway in March 2024
Electric Car Sales in Norway Reach 91.5%
Electric Car Sales in Norway Reach 91.5%

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Learn Electric Cars Says

Norway has set a classic example of how to embrace EVs fully. In all fairness, the government of Norway was extremely persuasive in convincing people to switch to electrified vehicles. That becomes clear from their enticing incentives for EVs. This includes free tolls, free parking, and tax exemptions for EVs while increasing the taxes on ICE cars. Apart from that, the small country has over 5,600 fast chargers throughout its area.

Finally, the country produces over 90% of its electricity from hydroelectric power and almost all the rest comes from wind power. Hence, it is not just about EVs and EV infrastructure, but the country completely shifted to renewable sources of energy across the board. With such normalization of electric transportation and green energy generation, no wonder over 91% of all new car sales in the country come from electric powertrains.

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