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How Is Formula E Helping Legacy Carmakers Build Better EV Technologies

Formula E allows established carmakers to use it as a testing lab for new technologies to make EVs more efficient and powerful, and offer incredible regenerative braking abilities.

The Formula E racing acts as a testing lab for legacy carmakers to test their innovative EV technologies. Essentially, the budget that car marques allocate for R&D and testing, can be alternately used to devise technologies for Formula E cars. The races are the actual testing grounds. In fact, it is a bigger stamp of validation than any other road testing. Hence, participating in Formula E could be critical for carmakers to come up with effective ways to create methods to address the concerns in electric cars.

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Formula E EV Technologies

Note that Formula E is the first sport in the world which has been Net Zero Carbon since the beginning. As a part of Formula E, there are 16 races across 10 cities in 4 continents. The car used for this race is called GEN3. It is the most efficient race car. The GEN3 car is designed for use in the FIA Formula E Championship.

Formula E cars commence each race with a battery capacity of only 60%, necessitating the generation of the remaining capacity through braking. This process aids in the development of more efficient motors, inverters, and software, contributing to enhanced performance and extended range. Therefore, car companies need to develop insanely efficient regenerative braking systems to be able to recoup enough energy to complete the race. That is as challenging an environment as it gets.

Formula E EV Technologies
Formula E EV Technologies

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Which Carmakers Are A Part Of Formula E?

There are some top names on this list including:

  • Jaguar TCS
  • Nissan
  • Porsche
  • Stellantis – 13 sub-brands
  • Ford (from 2026)

A few prominent German carmakers have taken the alternative route of regular R&D. For instance, BMW quit Formula E back in 2021. Similarly, Mercedes-Benz is focusing its sustainability efforts on its F1 team. Therefore, we must understand that Formula E is not the only way. Also, it becomes clear that carmakers are adopting multiple techniques to arrive at the same destination.

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Learn Electric Cars Says

Car manufacturers are actively pursuing software innovation to develop superior mass-production electric vehicles with improved performance, extended range, and increased efficiency. The recent breakthroughs in motorsports hold significant potential for efficient integration into mainstream models, ultimately contributing to a potential reduction in EV prices for consumers.

Formula E founder Alejandro Agag notes that manufacturers view Formula E as a testing ground for technologies, particularly emphasizing the advancements made in fast charging by participating teams.

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