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Nyobolt EV Battery Technology

Nyobolt Battery Can Charge Fully In Just 6 Minutes

With each passing year, we witness an immense advancement in EV battery technology and this is a prime example of it.

UK-based Nyobolt has come up with an EV battery which can charge fully in a mere 6 minutes. This ultra-fast-charging breakthrough can transform the electric vehicle industry. Such charging speeds are significantly faster than any other technology out there. With lightning-fast charging times, EVs can do with smaller battery packs, in turn, reducing the weight and rare materials used to create those batteries. That is the premise on which this technology is based.

Nyobolt EV Battery Technology
Nyobolt EV Battery Technology

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Nyobolt Battery Can Charge Fully In 6 Mins

These days, we are encountering large EVs with massive batteries to generate appropriate performance and range. To tackle that, efficiency is at the top of most carmakers’ priority list. That is where the Nyobolt battery comes into the picture. This is a 35 kWh battery pack which offers a range of upto 250 km. It may seem low but if will take just 6 minutes to charge this battery using a 350 kW DC fast charger, EV owners won’t feel range anxiety.

Nyobolt has designed this battery in collaboration with design and engineering business, CALLUM and renowned designer Julian Thomson. The latter was inspired by his design of the Lotus Elise. It is one of the most nimble and lightweight electric sportscars around. The Nyobolt battery has been tested for over 2,500 fast charge cycles (enough to cover over half a million kilometres) without significant loss in performance. Nyobolt batteries can also be made for large vehicles like buses or trucks once 1 MW chargers become available. Hence, the brand is future-ready. It will go into production from early 2024.

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Sai Shivareddy, CEO at Nyobolt, said, “Unlocking the challenges faced by electric vehicle designers has been key to the development of our breakthrough fast-charging batteries. Previously, enabling a light weight fast-charging vehicle was not possible without compromising its lifetime and so people have been relying on costly and large battery packs in the vehicle. With our unique technology we have achieved a six-minute charge car, and developed smaller battery packs that can deliver more power and charge in less time.

Our partnership with CALLUM shows how adoption of system-level technology innovations can transform the future of electric vehicles and increase accessibility of EVs, including to the 40% of UK households who can’t charge their vehicle at home overnight.”

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We are perennially excited to discuss new EV technologies including electric car models and battery development. It is becoming undeniable that the future of mobility is electric. While it will take a significant time for mass adoption across the globe, the revolution is most certainly underway. With constant advancements in EV technologies, we will reach a point where range anxiety will be a thing of the past. Until then, we shall keep reporting new techniques to our readers.

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