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Upcoming Affordable Kia Electric EV2 and EV3

Upcoming Affordable Kia Electric EVs – EV2 and EV3

Kia targets launching 8 electric car models in the USA by 2029 including the likes of the EV2, EV3, EV4 and EV5.

Kia is planning an onslaught of affordable electric cars with its upcoming models which include EV2 and EV3. In recent announcements and spy media, the EV2 has been spotted, while the EV3 also looks to go into production based on the concept version soon after. The future of electric mobility will rely heavily on the availability of affordable EVs.

The Chinese car marques are already flooding the international markets with their inexpensive compact EVs. Even Ford has deployed its Skunkworks division to develop a range of cheap EVs from scratch. Since the Chinese carmakers don’t offer their models in the USA yet, thanks to exorbitant tariffs, legacy players like Kia can stretch their lead in this space with more mass-market electric cars. The EV2 and EV3 could be key products in that strategy.

Kia EV3 Concept
Kia EV3 Concept

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Upcoming Affordable Kia EV2 and EV3

The Kia EV2 spy media stems from the 숏카 SHORTS CAR channel on YouTube. The visuals capture a heavily camouflaged, upright and compact vehicle plying on the road. One could deduce the sleek vertically-oriented LED DRLs, a boxy silhouette, prominent roof rails, stylish alloy wheels and an upright and tall-boy stance. Apart from that, the wheel arches are quite pronounced, lending it a rather muscular demeanour.

Not many details are available about the specs or features. Nevertheless, if it were to launch in the USA, the prices could be in the vicinity of $20,000 – $25,000. In fact, the video mentions that the EV2 in its native market of South Korea could even start at $14,500 (20 million Won).

Video of Kia EV2 with heavy camouflage

On the other hand, the EV3 will be a compact electric crossover SUV. As a matter of fact, we might witness the EV3 in the flesh later this year (2024). In this case, we can infer a few aspects from the concept version. The front end will borrow aesthetic cues from the larger EV9 with a sleek LED DRL setup along with a slim LED headlamp cluster. The overall silhouette will bear SUV-ish traits with most design elements inspired by the EV9.

In a detailed interview with the Automotive News, Kia America COO Steve Center said, “We’re ahead of most, and we’re trying to rush out ahead because our technology will be more evolved. You can’t just jump in and catch up. You have to have your own R&D, your own secret sauce.” This is a clear indication that the Korean auto giant will launch an affordable EV onslaught.

Upcoming Kia Electric Car Concepts
Upcoming Kia Electric Car Concepts

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The entire automobile industry is evidently worried about the inexpensive Chinese EVs flooding the international markets in the immediate future. Sure, the demand for electric cars in top economies like the USA and China seems to have slowed down a little in comparison to the forecasts. Nevertheless, we have to remember that a whole lot of developing regions are still at a nascent stage when it comes to EV adoption.

Markets like Thailand, Singapore, India, Brazil, the Middle East, and countries in Europe and South East Asia are yet to experience the EV explosion. The legacy carmakers have a presence in all these nations. Hence, everyone wants to get in the game of mass volume, low-cost EVs. That is where the future growth is set to derive from. Car marques like Kia and Hyundai have positioned themselves perfectly to cater to these regions with their mass EVs.

With electric car models like the Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6, EV6 and EV9, Hyundai and Kia have already established themselves as pioneers in this space across the globe. They want to maintain their lead and expand their footprint before other auto giants catch up. Essentially, they are leveraging their first mover’s advantage to set up global dominance before the Chinese car companies do so.

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