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Korean EV Batteries at InterBattery 2024

Next-Gen EV Batteries From Korean Giants To Be Unveiled At InterBattery 2024

While we always keep talking about revolutionary ideas when it comes to EV batteries, it is intriguing to witness what the industry giants are planning to power future mobility.

Some of the world’s biggest Korean electronics companies will demonstrate their next-gen EV batteries at the InterBattery 2024 exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. The event will occur between March 6 and March 8, 2024. The annual trade show attracts top battery players from across the world to showcase their future concepts and the latest technologies to transform the electric car domain.

In fact, a total of around 580 companies will present their technologies at this event. It will be co-hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Battery Industry Association. The three top Korean companies we will discuss are LG, SK and Samsung. They will display their innovative work in CTP (Cell-to-Pack), faster-charging batteries and solid-state batter production domains, respectively.

Korean EV Batteries at InterBattery 2024
Korean EV Batteries at InterBattery 2024

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Next-Gen EV Batteries At InterBattery 2024

LG Energy Solution Ltd.

LG Energy, the world’s third-largest EV battery maker, is set to unveil its cell-to-pack (CTP) design, which integrates individual battery cells directly into battery packs, reducing costs and improving energy density. This technology, currently in the spotlight in the EV battery sector, enhances battery stiffness, stability, and heat transfer prevention while streamlining manufacturing processes and reducing parts. LG Energy plans to introduce an advanced battery management system (BMS) at the event, managing battery life cycles and providing safety diagnostics and state estimation software.

The system also includes cloud services and solutions for future mobility. During the exhibition, LG Energy will showcase Isuzu Motors Ltd.’s first electric commercial vehicle equipped with its batteries and BMS. The unveiling underscores LG Energy’s commitment to innovation in the EV battery sector, aiming to address cost, energy density, and manufacturing efficiency challenges.

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SK Innovation Co.

SK On, the fifth-largest battery maker globally and a subsidiary of SK Innovation Co., is set to unveil innovative battery technologies at an upcoming event. They will showcase fast-charging batteries and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) models designed for cold weather conditions. The upgraded version of their Super Fast (SF) Battery offers a 9% increase in energy density while maintaining rapid charging capabilities. Additionally, they plan to introduce the SF+ Battery, promising a 15-minute charge time. SK On will also present an LFP battery with enhanced performance in cold climates, featuring a 19% increase in energy density compared to existing models, resulting in improved charging and discharging capacities.

Moreover, the company will highlight advancements in cathode active materials manufacturing, including water-free methods and chemistry diversification strategies. They will also introduce their first energy storage system (ESS). These innovations reflect SK On’s commitment to addressing challenges in battery technology, such as charging speed, energy density, and performance in extreme weather conditions.

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Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI is preparing to announce its timelines for mass-producing solid-state batteries, a revolutionary advancement in the EV sector, while revealing blueprints for batteries of the sixth generation and beyond. These solid-state batteries are heralded as “dream batteries” due to their superior safety and higher energy density compared to traditional lithium-ion models, prompting significant interest and investment in their development across the global cell industry.

As the seventh-largest battery manufacturer worldwide, Samsung SDI is ready to present comprehensive integrated energy storage system (ESS) solutions and ESS modules tailored for household use. Additionally, it will showcase a diverse range of cylindrical batteries featuring various specifications.

Samsung SDI
Samsung SDI

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Now, these players contribute significantly toward the global EVs. Hence, when these introduce new technologies, the entire ecosystem will benefit from them. In general, the companies are focusing on making energy-dense EV batteries without adding too much weight, fast charging times, more efficient BMS and better packaging. All these are crucial aspects of EV battery development. We shall keep an eye out for more such developments in this field.

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