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Nio EC7 Exterior - Side Profile

Nio EC7 Has a CLTC Range of 920 km – Specs & More

  • Nio is a Chinese luxury EV maker that aims to disrupt the established legacy luxury car marques.
  • EC7 has been revealed with a coupe SUV body type and a futuristic interior and cabin layout.
  • The driving range on the CLTC (Chinese Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle) is an impressive 920 km with a 150 kWh battery pack.

Nio has unveiled the EC7 coupe SUV with an astounding 920 km range on the CLTC. Granted, the Chinese test cycle is a bit liberal when it comes to analysing the driving range on a single charge, but it would still be quite high on the more standardised WLTP cycle.

Nio is a Chinese luxury EV maker that aims to challenge the legacy luxury carmakers across international markets, having already been successful in the Chinese market. The EC7 is yet another positive step in that direction. Nio has already commenced selling cars in Europe and this EV could make it there by the end of this year (2023) as well.

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Nio EC7 Exterior - Side Profile
Nio EC7 Exterior - Side Profile

Nio EC7 – Specs & Range

There are three battery packs to choose from – 75 kWh, 100 kWh and 150 kWh. It has a drag coefficient of just 0.23 which enables quite an efficient driving range of 304 miles (489 km), 395 miles (636) and 572 miles (920 km) respectively. In its most powerful iteration, the coupe SUV develops 644 hp and 627 lb-ft (850 Nm) of peak power and torque from two electric motors powering both axles (AWD).

Acceleration from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) takes just 3.8 secs. The 6-piston callipers from Brembo ensure a braking distance of 33.9 m from 100-0 km/h. There are 10 drive modes with the intelligent Four-Wheel Drive system.

Nio EC7Specs
Battery75 kWh, 100 kWh & 150 kWh
Range (CLTC)489 km, 636 km & 920 km
Range (CLTC) (in miles)304 mi, 395 mi & 572 mi
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) (0-62 mph)3.8 secs
Power644 hp (480 kW)
Torque850 Nm (627 lb-ft)
Drag Coefficient0.23
Braking (100-0 km/h)33.9 m
Nio EC7 Exterior - Rear Profile
Nio EC7 Exterior - Rear Profile

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Nio EC7 Dimensions

The coupe SUV silhouette lends the EV massive dimensions. It is just under 5 m long, 2 m wide and 1.7 m high with a wheelbase of 2.97 m. It liberates acres of space inside for that futuristic and lounge-styled layout. This puts it in the league of the Audi Q8 e-tron, BMW iX and the upcoming Polestar 3.

Nio EC7Dimensions
Length4,968 mm
Width1,974 mm
Height1,714 mm
Wheelbase2,960 mm

Interior and Features

The interior layout of EC7 is quite elegant with things like a 16-inch screen for the HUD (Heads Up Display), a 12.8-inch High-Resolution AMOLED Centre Display, NOMI Virtual Assistant, a Lounge Experience with Zero-Gravity mode for the seats with heating function, a Smart Electrochromic Glass for the Roof with 99.9% UV Protection, Ambient Lighting with 256-Color Gradation and 10 Ambience Themes, a Premium 23-speaker Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Surround System, Autonomous Driving Functions with the help of 33 high-precision Sensors including a long-range, high-resolution LiDAR, seven 8MP high-resolution Cameras, four 3MP enhanced Cameras for surround view, one ADMS (Advances Driver Monitoring System), 5 millimetre-wave Radars, 12 Ultrasonic Sensors, Redundant high-precision positioning fusion, V2X, Compatibility with Nio’s Power Swap Battery changing stations.

Nio EC7 Interior
Nio EC7 Interior

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Price and Deliveries

In China, the prices for the Nio EC7 start at CNY 488,000 ($71,977 US) for the base version with the 75 kWh battery and go all the way up to CNY 578,000 ($85,250 US) for the trim with 150 kWh battery. The deliveries are slated to commence around mid-2023 and Nio could bring the EC7 to Europe sometime at the end of 2023.