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Tesla Recalls 200000 EVs Due To Reverse Parking Camera Issue

Tesla Recalls 200,000 EVs Due To Reverse Parking Camera Issue

The largest EV maker on the planet is issuing another major recall after its million-unit recall last year.

It looks like the recall season is not over yet for Tesla as it recalls 200,000 EVs for an issue with the reverse camera feed. Tesla is the largest EV maker on the planet. It was briefly overtaken by the Chinese auto giant, BYD, in the last quarter of 2023 by selling more EVs. But overall, Tesla sold the most EVs in the calendar year 2023. Last year, it recalled 2 million EVs due to Autopilot concerns after NHTSA report. This is yet another major recall affecting almost 200,000 EVs.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

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Tesla Recalls 200,000 EVs For Reverse Camera Problem

Starting in December last year, some Tesla EV owners were reporting a problem with the reverse parking camera. The camera refused to show what was behind the car. Now, we can very well imagine that it could create safety concerns in addition to hindering convenience for drivers. Thankfully, no accidents were reported due to this malfunction. The EV giant sprung into action and rolled out an Over-The-Air update to fix this issue.

One great aspect of EVs with an insane amount of electronics in general, and Tesla cars in particular, is that most issues are comfortably resolved by simple software updates. Hence, car owners don’t have to swamp the service centres. Note that only the 2023 Model S, X and Y with full self-driving computer 4.0 and a few versions of Tesla’s software were affected by this recall. Tesla already commenced offering this software patch to the affected EVs. By January, all affected vehicles were fixed.

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Tesla is the biggest and the most prominent EV maker on the planet. It has always been tech-savvy and leverages all sorts of modern technologies to offer ultra-convenience and the latest amenities to make EV owners’ lives easier. However, these are prone to glitches and malfunction. Thankfully, most of these concerns go away with minor and swift software updates. Going forward, EVs are bound to be more inclined towards being electronic gadgets rather than mechanical assemblies.

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