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VinFast VF Wild Electric Pickup Truck Concept

VinFast Unveils Two Vehicles at CES 2024 – Electric Pickup Truck and Small Electric SUV

The Vietnamese carmaker continues to be bullish on SUVs as it showcases a Toyota Tacoma-sized electric pickup truck and a Suzuki Jimny-sized small electric SUV.

At the recently concluded CES 2024, VinFast revealed two distinct products – an electric pickup truck (VF Wild) concept and a tiny electric SUV. The Vietnamese auto giant is slowly introducing products for the American and other international markets. Its SUV-offensive strategy is evident.

The buyers can currently purchase the VF8 and VF9 SUVs in the USA. Moreover, VF6 and VF7 will launch soon. To cater to this expansion, it is amidst the process of constructing a $4 billion EV factory in Chatham County, North Carolina. Therefore, its future plans are ambitious and vivid.

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VinFast VF Wild Electric Pickup Truck Concept Cargo Bed
VF Wild Electric Pickup Truck Concept Cargo Bed

VinFast Electric Pickup Truck Concept

VinFast announced via the press release and physical presence at the CES 2024, the arrival of the VF Wild electric pickup truck concept. It measures 209 in. (5,324 mm) in length and 79 in. (1,997 mm) in width. That is enough to put it into the category of mid-size pickup trucks on sale in the USA. A prominent feature of this pickup truck is its flexible bed size.

The power-folding mid-gate can increase the length of the bed from 5 feet to 8 feet with the rear seats folded. Apart from that, the design highlights include a panoramic glass roof and digital side mirrors in favour of enhanced aerodynamics.

The VF Wild was jointly developed by VinFast and Australian design studio, Gomitiv. It took multiple designers and over 8,000 man-hours to come up with this intriguing concept. It incorporates the “Fluid Dynamism” design philosophy.

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VinFast Small Electric SUV

In addition to the VF Wild, there was also the global launch of the VF3 at the CES 2024. Note that it already sells it in its home market, Vietnam, for about 6 months now. The VF3 is a 126-inch (3,200 mm) long small electric SUV. It measures 66 in. (1,676 mm) in width and 64 in. (1,625 mm) in height.

It gets a 10-inch infotainment display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With the rear seats down, the cargo capacity will be 19.4 cubic feet (549 litres). It will offer a range of around 125 miles (201 km) from a small lithium-ion battery pack. The suggested price of this small pint-sized EV is under $20,000. The reservations will commence sometime this year.

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VinFast VF3 Small Electric SUV Concept
VinFast VF3 Small Electric SUV Concept

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VinFast is aiming to grab significant market shares across various international markets. It is currently in the process of establishing a manufacturing facility even in India. It will set the car marque back by $2 billion. In the USA, it has expanded its touchpoints network to 125 locations. This is a clear indication that it is taking all the necessary measures to ensure that it emerges as a major automobile company despite stiff competition across global markets.

The electric pickup truck and small electric SUV from VinFast could be major products in the future. Only time will tell if the underdog from Vietnam will be able to persevere to emerge as a global auto giant.

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