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Tesla Cybertruck Wheel Cover Problem

Wheel Cover Of Tesla Cybertruck Has A Unique Problem

Ever since the launch of the Tesla Cybertruck, the internet has been overwhelmed by all sorts of information about the wildly anticipated electric pickup truck.

The wheel cover of the tire of the Tesla Cybertruck is posing an issue for the owners. Cybertruck is the futuristic electric pickup truck from the American EV giant. It was in development for over 4 years. First showcased in 2019, the Cybertruck was launched in December 2023. All this while, people who had reserved it since 2019 were evidently disappointed and frustrated. Now that it is finally here, Cybertruck owners are witnessing weird issues with it.

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Wheel Cover Issue With Tesla Cybertruck

We came across this video from T Sportline – Tesla Upgrades & Accessories on YouTube. The host has the Cybertruck with the stock wheel covers. These are aero wheel covers which aid the aerodynamic efficiency of the EV. You must have seen modern EVs with a slightly unusual tire design. That is because they are designed to maximize aerodynamic efficiency and reduce drag when the vehicle moves. Efficiency is ultra-crucial in maximizing the range of electric cars. Tesla offers these wheel covers with the Cybertruck.

One could simply stick them on or remove them by hand. The issue is that the rubber component of these wheel covers comes in contact with the sidewall of the tire when it is in contact with the surface. Due to the weight of the EV, tires expand at the point where they touch the ground. That is common to all cars. However, because of this bulge, the sidewall of the tire is getting worn out a bit by brushing against this rubber element of the wheel cover. For instance, this particular Cybertruck has been driven for a couple of thousand miles. There is minor wear on the sidewall.

Now, if the tire is getting worn out in just a couple of thousand miles, we can expect the situation to get exacerbated after tens of thousands of miles (which is the average life of tires). Hence, over time, it could become a huge problem.

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Tesla Offers New Wheel Covers

Since the component which is coming in contact with the tire is already made out of rubber instead of plastic, we reckon that Tesla might have encountered this issue during testing already. In any case, now that the owners are reporting this issue, Tesla will officially equip the next lot of Cybertrucks with new wheel covers. Therefore, you don’t have too much to worry about.

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Learn Electric Cars Says

Now we understand that this might not be such a huge problem, still to have this on a $100,000 vehicle is not ideal. The image of Tesla was already taking a hit after recurring delays for the launch of the Cybertruck. But now that the truck is here in the flesh, such issues can cause the brand image to deteriorate.

With immense competition from various new and established players from across the globe, Tesla wouldn’t want anything like this. That is the reason why it is acting fast to remedy this. Until then, we suggest you simply remove these wheel covers and get the new ones as soon as they become available.

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