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Jeep Renegade EV Launch in 2027

Affordable Sub-$25,000 Jeep Renegade EV To Launch In 2027

A presentation slide at the Investor Day Event contained “under $25k for BEV variant” information.

The under-$25,000 Jeep Renegade EV has been confirmed for launch in 2027 by Stellantis. The information was revealed at the Investor Day Event held at Stellantis headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Jeep, along with many other legacy carmakers, has been aiming for an affordable EV for a while now. The American auto giant believes it is the only way to boost its depleting sales. Note that its sales have gone down from 973,227 units in 2018 to just 641,166 units in 2023.

Jeep EV Strategy
Jeep Sales Strategy

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Jeep Renegade EV To Launch In 2027

In order to replenish its consistently declining sales in the last 5 years, Stellantis is planning affordable electric SUVs. That seems like the only feasible strategy to cater to the mass market. During this conference, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares was quoted saying, “If you ask me what is an affordable BEV, I would say €20,000 in Europe and $25,000 in the U.S. So our job is to bring the safe, clean and affordable BEV to the U.S., $25,000. We’ll do it.”

With this, the compact electric SUV will join the other eco-friendly models in the lineup including the Wagoneer S and the upcoming Recon (an electric variant of the Wrangler). The latter is slated for launch later this year. The aim is to sell 50% more vehicles in 2027 in comparison to 2023.

While there are not many details surrounding the electric Renegade just yet, we could make the logical assumption that it might borrow the powertrain from Citroen e-C3. The e-C3 was announced for Europe last year. It has a starting price of €23,300 or $25,000 which is what Jeep will also be targeting. If that turns out to be the case, the electric Renegade will feature a 44 kWh LFP battery which could offer a range of around 200 miles (322 km) on a single charge as per WLTP.

There is a 111 hp motor and the e-C3 is capable of using a 100 kW DC charger via its 400 V electrical architecture. Certainly, Jeep will make sure that it designs the electric Renegade such that the EV carries the rugged traits of a typical Jeep. That will include appropriate elements on the exterior, as well as the interior.

Jeep Wagoneer S EV Front Three Quarters
Electric Jeep Wagoneer S

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The need for affordable EVs is becoming apparent with each passing day. Most legacy car marques are working tirelessly to achieve the ambitious goal of sub-$25,000 EVs. This includes Ford, Volkswagen, Volvo, Jeep, Kia, Hyundai, Chevrolet, etc. The current demand for EVs is plateauing in the U.S. and China (the two largest automobile markets in the world).

The next phase of EV adoption seems possible only on the back of affordable electric cars. Additionally, the infrastructure around EVs is also developing rapidly. All these factors would combine to ensure sustainable growth in this space going forward. That seems to be the only way to achieve the massive carbon neutrality targets set by most car companies for the coming decade.

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