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EVs are more problematic than hybrid and gasoline cars

Are EVs Really More Troublesome Than Non-Plug-In Hybrid Cars?

A 2024 Vehicle Dependability Study by J.D. Power found that EVs and plug-in hybrids encounter more problems than hybrid and gasoline cars.

In an intriguing J.D. Power report, it was concluded that EVs and plug-in hybrids can be more troublesome than non-plug-in hybrid and gasoline cars. However, the reason is not the powertrains but the infrastructure surrounding them. Among various car categories, electric cars, electric SUVs and electric pickup trucks are the least-reliable categories which were a part of this survey. Here are the detailed findings of this report.

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EVs More Troublesome Than Non-Plug-In Hybrid Cars

This report takes into consideration the ownership experience of the first three years. That is a fairly substantial time period for people to know the intricacies of their vehicles. The results were quite surprising. EV owners reported 256 problems per 100 vehicles, while plug-in hybrid car owners had to face 216 problems per 100 vehicles.

On the other end of the spectrum, the non-plug-in hybrid cars scored a relatively better 191 problems per 100 vehicles, whereas the gasoline cars encountered 187 problems per 100 vehicles. Interestingly, infotainment problems and annoyance with driver-assist alerts were among the most prevalent issues with EV car owners.

EVs are more problematic than non-plug-in hybrid and gasoline cars
EVs are more problematic than non-plug-in hybrid and gasoline cars

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Unique Problem With EVs

While the issues pertaining to the infotainment and driver-assist functions were well-established even last year, a new problem has appeared which is bothering the EV owners the most. Due to the significantly heavier weight of the EVs, 39% owners reported replacing the tires within the last 12 months which is 19 percentage points higher than gasoline cars. That is the new finding on this report and something that the potential EV buyers should keep in mind.

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Learn Electric Cars Says

Even though the sales of EVs across the globe is at an all-time high and the adoption is taking place at an unprecedented rate, we are still at a relatively nascent stage of mass adoption in the long run. As EV owners spend more time with their vehicles, many new aspects regarding the ownership experience will come to light. These could be positive, as well as negative. But it is great to know these prior to making the decision to go electric.

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