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Kia EV9 GT 2024 CEO Investor Day

Kia EV9 GT Will Boast 0-62 mph Time of 4 Secs, Debut in January 2025

The performance version of the ultra-practical 7-seat electric SUV from Kia will debut in the first month of next year.

The fire-breathing Kia EV9 GT is slated to debut in January 2025, as per the official video from Kia’s 2024 CEO Investor Day Event which took place in Seoul, South Korea. Kia EV9, in case you forgot, is the 2024 World Car Of The Year. Not just that, it even boasts the title of the 2024 World Electric Vehicle Award. Hence, the 7-seat electric SUV is a critically acclaimed product already.

With such validation for the regular model, the GT trim is bound to attract traction. Even though the spy media has spotted it testing at Germany’s iconic Nürburgring track, this is the first time Kia has officially shared some details.

Kia EV9 Front Three Quarters World Car of the Year
Kia EV9 Front Three Quarters

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Kia EV9 GT To Debut In Jan 2025

The 1-hour-27-minute-long video highlights Kia’s plans for the future. Around the 30-minute mark in this video, the President and CEO of Kia, Ho Sung Song, described the upcoming EV9 GT. While there were not too many specifics, there was enough data to point us towards the direction Kia is willing to take. Ho Sung Song mentions that it will continue to focus on the GT (performance) trims of its dedicated EVs. In fact, the GT version of the EV6 is already on sale in many international markets.

The key details about the upcoming EV9 GT include “enormous power output” to achieve a remarkable 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) acceleration time of just 4 seconds. That is a whole 1.3 seconds faster than the EV9 GT-Line and just 0.5 seconds slower than the EV6 GT. This is especially impressive considering the EV9 GT-Line weighs a gargantuan 2,674 kg (Kerb) aka 5,895 lbs and 3,240 kg (Gross) aka 7,143 lbs. Hence, we could expect a bump in 576 hp and 738 Nm (545 lb-ft) figures found in the EV6 GT.

Generally, Kia’s GT models come with a tweaked suspension setup along with tons of bodywork to enhance aerodynamics, along with new alloys and tyres for added traction during enthusiast driving. Hence, we could safely assume this to be the case with the upcoming EV9 GT too. More details will surface as time progresses and the debut nears.

Kia EV9 Rear Three Quarters
Kia EV9 Rear Three Quarters

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Kia is certainly firing on all cylinders. This capability comes from its parent group, Hyundai Motor Company. It has been actively pursuing multiple approaches to grab a major chunk of future mobility. This includes updated IC engines, hybrid mills, electric powertrains, alternative fuel-powered cars, etc. Kia benefits from these technologies. Hence, Kia is ensuring that current-day driving enthusiasts don’t feel left out in the world of electrification.

That is what the GT trims of Kia’s models cater to. This is based on the same parallels as Hyundai’s N Division. We have already seen the Ioniq 5 N and the upcoming Ioniq 6 N. In the same vein, we shall witness the GT versions of the EV6 (already on sale) and the EV9 next year. All things considered, exciting times lie ahead for Kia loyalists.

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