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Nio ET7 Semi Solid State Battery Range

Nio ET7 Achieves 665 Miles w/ Semi-Solid State Battery In Real World

The Chinese automotive company has just rolled off its 150 kWh solid-state battery off the assembly line a few days ago.

Nio ET7 has bagged a rather impressive milestone of completing 665 miles (1,070 km) on a single charge using the semi-solid state battery. This latest battery from Nio has a capacity of a substantial 150 kWh. This marked the first test of the ultra-long-range battery pack since its mass production. In December 2023, Nio Founder, Chairman and CEO, William Li drove the 2023 ET7 with a 150 kWh semi-solid state battery in a challenge where he drove for 1,044 km with 36 km of remaining CLTC range.

Nio ET7 Exterior
Nio ET7 Exterior

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Nio ET7 With Semi-Solid State Battery

As per the official press release from the Chinese auto giant, the Nio ET7 with this new battery was tested on three different routes – from Kunming, Yunnan to Zhanjiang, Guangdong; from Beijing to Hefei, Anhui; and from Shanghai to Xiamen, Fujian. For these three routes, the electric car was able to drive for 1,070 km (665 mi.), 1,062 km (660 mi.) and 1,046 km (650 mi.), respectively.

In the longest trip, the energy consumption was 12.7 kWh per 100 km and the driving time was 12.8 hours. The average speed was 83.7 km/h (52 mph) and the top speed was 118 km/h (73 mph). Also, the vehicle load was about 200 kg (441 lbs) and the altitude change was 1,875 m.

Battery150 kWh Semi-Solid State
Range (max)1,070 km (665 mi.)
Energy Consumption12.7 kWh per 100 km
Average Speed83.7 km/h (52 mph)
Top Speed118 km/h (73 mph)
Altitude Change1,875 m
Driving Time12.8 hours
Details of the Trip

Launch Details

Nio opened pre-orders for the 2024 Nio ET7 on April 16 and the deliveries are set to commence on April 30. The official launch is slated for April 25. The pricing and specifications will be announced on that very day.

Nio ET7 Interior
Nio ET7 Interior

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Semi-Solid State Battery

One of the most intriguing aspects of this 150 kWh semi-solid state battery is that it is the same size as the 100 kWh unit. Moreover, it only weighs 20 kg (44 lbs) more even though it holds 50% more capacity. That makes it extremely efficient and highlights the advantages of semi-solid state batteries. In its construction, it differs from the regular Lithium-ion battery in that it has a solid conductive material suspended in a liquid electrolyte.

On the other hand, Li-ion batteries have a liquid or gel-like electrolyte which enables the movements of Lithium ions between the cathode and anode. Hence, these are more prone to leakages and thermal runaways. Since, it is not so in semi-solid state batteries, they are safer. Also, they have higher energy density in the same volume which makes them perfect for applications in confined spaces. They are also better for the environment since they can be made using non-toxic materials.

They are lighter than the regular Li-ion batteries which relates to the earlier point about their higher energy density. The solid material used in electrodes forms a porous layer which is able to absorb more active material resulting in higher energy density and improved performance. It allows more efficient ion transportation between the electrodes. All these factors combine to make the semi-solid state batteries lightweight, more efficient and more energy dense.

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Learn Electric Cars Says

Extensive work is happening in the field of EV battery technology at the moment. New players, as well as the existing firms, are deploying time, energy and resources to improve the existing tech. In essence, the aim is to reduce the battery size and weight and make them more energy-dense and efficient. All these factors will contribute toward creating EVs that can run for long ranges. The battery in the 2024 Nio ET7 is a prime example of how we can stretch the potential of an EV battery. Let us keep an eye out for more details in this space.