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Modified Rivian R1T Front Three Quarters

Rivian R1T Modified For Off-Road w/ 38-inch Tires, 350 mi Range

As the popularity and demand for electric pickup trucks surge, aftermarket car modification houses are coming up with enticing ways to customize them thoroughly.

The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck has been aptly modified for off-road use by a prominent truck specialist. This reminds us of all sorts of modified diesel pickup trucks in the past. We are at a point where there are enough electric pickup trucks on the roads that their owners are looking for ways to customize them as per their needs. Rivian is a major American EV startup which develops electric pickups and SUVs for relatively hardcore applications. Let us glance at all the details on the R1T in this blog post.

Modified Rivian R1T Rear Three Quarters
Modified Rivian R1T Rear Three Quarters

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Rivian R1T Modified For Off-Road

The visuals of this uniquely altered Rivian truck stem from South Florida Jeeps on YouTube. They capture the modified electric pickup truck in real-world conditions. It has been put to the test through challenging off-roading trails including water bodies. The Rivian looks quite unfazed by anything in its path. Having a look at the website of this car shop, we get to know the details of the kind of mods this monster truck gets.

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Details Of Modifications

The design house is calling this Rivian Apocalypse Nirvana. There are a bunch of aesthetic, as well as performance enhancements. These include:

  • Full Body Customization including the front bumper, hood, front and rear fenders with liners, roll cage, vicowl with LED bar, reinforced pickup bed with tubular side steps and skid plates.
  • Kevlar Paint for ruggedness and protection
  • Off-Road Features like a lift kit, dynamic computer-controlled suspension, 38-inch off-road tires and more.
  • Automated Roll & Lock Feature in the bed
  • “Gear Tunnel” For Extra Storage between the bed and cabin for longer items
  • 350-mile (563 km) Range on a single charge
  • Acceleration (0-60 mph / 97 kmph)) in just 3 seconds
  • Quad-Motor Setup generates 835 hp

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Learn Electric Cars Says

Rivian is slowly but surely grabbing significant market share in the face of fierce competition. It is a worthy alternative to the likes of the Ford Lightning F-150, Chevy Silverado EV and the recently launched Tesla Cybertruck. It offers some distinct USPs including the price point to attract new customers. As the EV revolution intensifies, we will see more and more electric pickup trucks in the market. With the assurance of such aftermarket modifications houses for EVs as well, mass adoption looks more likely than ever.

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