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Radar RD6 Electric Truck - Exterior

Radar RD6 Electric Truck – Specs, Features, Range & More

  • The practicality associated with pickup trucks is well-established in the automobile industry which is why new and upcoming carmakers are developing electric versions of pickup trucks.
  • Radar RD6 comes with 3 battery packs – 60, 86 and 100 kWh.
  • It already went on sale in China in July 2022.

Radar RD6 is an electric truck that has been created by the world-renowned Chinese automaker, Geely. Radar is a sub-brand of Geely and it has developed this affordable pickup truck meant to serve as a vehicle for daily use without a massive powertrain or 4×4 drivetrain. It is designed by Peter Horbury and is built on the SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform.

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Radar RD6 Electric Truck - Exterior
Radar RD6 Electric Truck - Exterior

Radar RD6 Electric Truck – Specs

The electric lifestyle truck comes with the option of choosing from 3 battery sizes – 60 kWh (LFP), 86 kWh (NMC) and 100 kWh (NMC). However, in every configuration, you will get a single electric motor powering the rear wheels. There is no AWD on offer further emphasizing that it is a lifestyle truck and not a hardcore off-roader.

The power figure is decent at 268 hp and it boasts a healthy 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 6 secs. It has a maximum range of 632 km (392 miles) on the CLTC. The range on the WLTP will be much lower. RD6 comes with four-wheel independent suspension and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Radar RD6 Electric TruckSpecs
Battery60, 86, 100 kWh
Range400 – 632 km (248 – 392 mi)
Power268 hp
DC Fast Charging120 kW
Acceleration (0-62 mph / 100 km/h)6 secs
Radar RD6 Electric Truck - Exterior
Radar RD6 Electric Truck - Exterior

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Radar RD6 Electric TruckDimensions and Storage

Being a mid-size pickup truck, the length of the RD6 is 5.26 m and the wheelbase is 3.12 m. The cargo bed has a capacity of 1,200 litres and the tiny frunk is capable of adding another 70 litres of handy storage. It has a payload capacity of 450 kg and the SEA platform supports 3,000 kg of towing. It comes with a 6 kW discharge panel with various other discharge models such as static discharge, vehicle-to-vehicle power, mobile power, 220V/16A and 220V/10A.

Radar RD6Dimensions
Length5,260 mm
Width1,900 mm
Height1,830 mm
Wheelbase3,120 mm
Cargo + Frunk Space1,200 litre + 70 litre
Payload450 kg
Dimensions and Storage

Interior and Features

The cabin of the RD6 offers a modern layout with two 12.3-inch Touchscreens, a 9-inch Full-colour Head-Up Display, 72-colour Ambient Lighting, AI-powered Voice Interaction, a 55-inch Panoramic Sunroof, 12+ Level 2 ADAS Functions, Power Ports to charge external appliances, and much more.

Radar RD6 Electric Truck - Interior
Radar RD6 Electric Truck - Interior

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Radar RD6 was launched in China in July 2022 with a price tag of RMB 178,800. This roughly translates to $24,600 USD or £20,847 or €24,280. These are extremely affordable prices. However, these will be higher once Geely decides to export the products of its Radar sub-brand to the European or American market.