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BMW 1 Series EV - i1 and i2 based on Neue Klasse Platform

Affordable BMW 1 Series EV To Use Neue Klasse Platform

After the launch of the BMW iX1 was cancelled for the U.S. market, the most affordable BMW EV, the iX1 starts at $87,250.

In a bid to attract young buyers looking for affordable EVs from premium carmakers, the BMW 1 Series EV will be a compact EV to watch out for. It will carry the name, i1. Not just that, the BMW 2 Series EV (i2) will follow soon. The i2 will, essentially, be the spiritual successor of i3. The latter remained in production from 2013 to 2022. Going forward, the need for inexpensive EVs in every segment is critical. Hence, most legacy carmakers are aiming for low-cost compact EVs to expand their market share. For the Bavarian auto giant, the i1 and i2 will be those electric cars.

BMW EVs Based on Neue Klasse Platform
BMW EVs Based on Neue Klasse Platform

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BMW 1 Series EV

The new i1 will likely be available as either a hatchback or a saloon. On the other hand, the i2 will be a compact crossover. Hence, it will be in line with what it will replace, the i3. As per the information by Autocar UK, the two EVs are already in development at the FIZ R&D center in Munich, Germany. These will be on sale alongside the ICE-powered 1 Series and 2 Series. The i1 could see the light of day by 2027 and the i2 plans to be in showrooms by 2028.

In many international markets, the most affordable BMW EV is the iX1. For instance, in the UK, it commences at $46,205 (approx. $58,370). That is not inexpensive by any standard. Hence, the German luxury car marque wants to cater to the masses, particularly the young potential buyers to expand its electric footprint across the globe. That is where the i1 and i2 will be critical products.

BMW product boss Bernd Körber told Autocar that BMW wants to grow in all markets and “connect with the younger generation”, and having entry-level models like the 1 Series and 2 Series is essential to do that. He added, “So yes, they are still part of our strategy and it’s good that we have two brands in the segment, with of course Mini playing a big role.” This becomes even more important since Mercedes-Benz already announced that it will discontinue the A-Class in 2026 for good.

That will open up a golden opportunity for BMW. Another key aspect worth mentioning is that BMW will keep offering the 1 Series and 2 Series using the FAAR platform. However, the i1 and i2 will most likely reap the benefits of the all-new Neue Klasse bespoke electric architecture. This platform will power all future BMW EVs. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse mentioned that BMW will launch 6 Neue Klasse EVs within 24 months “from SAV to sedan.”

We can experience the first BMW Neue Klasse model (sedan) in 2025. It will be followed by an SUV. There are two configurations on offer for the Neue Klasse models – NBx and NAx. The former bears a front- and four-wheel models, while the latter contains the rear- and four-wheel models. Also, the BMW 1 Series EV and 2 Series EV will be the first specimen to use the NBx platform.

BMW EVs Based on Neue Klasse Platform
BMW EVs Based on Neue Klasse Platform

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It is evident that irrespective of whether the legacy carmakers are mass-market or premium, the future of electric mobility is gravitating toward the more affordable segment. Sure, affordability with EVs is relative. Still, the early adopters were primarily the affluent personalities of the society in all countries. With the first wave almost over the demand for EVs plateauing in major economies like the U.S., Europe and China, more mass-market electric cars look to be the way forward.

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