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BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Front Three Quarters

Key Highlights Of The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Revealed

BMW has showcased its Vision Neue Klasse X SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) and the production will commence in 2025 in Debrecen, Hungary.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X has been revealed with fascinating details. Note that the Neue Klasse X represents the future of electric SUVs from the German carmaker. On the other hand, the Vision Neue Klasse unveiled at the IAA 2023 was the concept sedan for future models. Essentially, the Neue Klasse X borrows the ‘X’ nomenclature from BMW’s regular lineup which represents SUVs or SAVs, as BMW likes to call them. The technological features on the new concept are revolutionary.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Rear Three Quarters
BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Rear Three Quarters

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BMW Vision Neue Klasse X – Key Highlights

Exterior Styling

BMW has gone back to the 1960s to take inspiration from the first-ever Neue Klasse range of vehicles. Back then, it saved the company from disaster. It is calling back that name to mark yet another inflexion point in its current journey to enter the future. Nothing could remind us more of the 1960s than the iconic grille, or lack thereof, on the Vision Neue Klasse X. The typical ‘Kidney Grille’ is a 3D sculpture which is vertically aligned with backlit contours.

When the driver approaches, the grille and headlamps create a unique lighting effect. At the rear, the Vision Neue Klasse X bears the familiar L-shaped LED taillamp pattern. On this occasion, it carries the 3D elements which are individually controlled for light intensity. The body color features a cool trick which can form a transparent or reflective surface, depending on the viewing angle.

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Interior and Technology

The cabin is powered by incredible technology on the back of four totally new super brains: high-performance computers. The main attraction has to be the BMW Panoramic Vision which projects key information across the full width of the windscreen above the dashboard. Complimenting this is the BMW 3D Head-Up Display and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant for better human-car interaction in comparison to Alexa Support. There is also a Central Display which the driver and passenger can access for all cabin controls and entertainment.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Interior
BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Interior

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Since this is not a production-spec model, the specific details about the powertrain are not available. Still, BMW informs us about the core of the electric SAV of the future. The latest iteration of BMW’s sixth-generation eDrive technology plays a pivotal role in achieving remarkable efficiency. Alongside enhanced e-drive units, it introduces newly designed round lithium-ion battery cells with a volumetric energy density exceeding that of previously utilized prismatic cells by over 20%. Coupled with the transition to an 800-volt system, this advancement enhances charging speed by up to 30%, enabling vehicles to achieve a 300-km range with just ten minutes of charging.

Moreover, the sixth generation of BMW eDrive extends its range by up to 30%. In terms of aerodynamics, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X showcases a significant improvement, with drag reduced by 20% compared to a comparable model in the current lineup. Further enhancements, including new tyre designs and a specialized brake system tailored for fully electric vehicles, contribute to an overall increase in vehicle efficiency by up to 25%.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Interior
BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Interior

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Learn Electric Cars Says

We know that this is not the production model. However, BMW claims that it is quite close to production. Hence, we could expect most elements to make it to the flesh. It would be fair to deduce that BMW is certainly transforming its entire design philosophy to meet the challenges of the future. Furthermore, it is backing it up with the latest technology. Most of it has been built in-house, which makes it reassuring for the users. Finally, the intelligent brains of the EV will ensure legendary performance, something BMWs are known for. Also, the cabin will be a place where the occupants will thoroughly feel pampered.