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Microlino EV

Microlino Urban Mini EV – Specs, Range, Price & More

With efficiency being at the centre of discussion regarding the range of EVs, size plays a key role. Additionally, the trend of mini urban electric cars also looks like a practical way to excel in city environments.

Italian carmaker, Microlino has developed an urban EV with specs, range, price and features suitable for city dwellers. The trend of micro- and mini-cars has been around for decades and now this iteration is being incorporated into EVs. The deliveries of the first 999 units of the Microlino have commenced in Italy. Germany and Switzerland will follow next while 2023 will bring this EV to the rest of Europe.

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Microlino EV
Microlino EV

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Microlino EV – Specs

Ensuring that the customers get a wide range of options, Microlino comes with 3 Li-ion battery packs – 6 kWh, 10.5 kWh and 14 kWh with 95 km, 175 km and 230 km of range respectively. The power and torque are 12.5 kW (16.76 hp) and 89 Nm. The acceleration from 0-50 km/h comes up in 5 secs flat and the top speed is limited to 90 km/h.

Microlino EVSpecs
Battery (NMC/NCA)6 / 10.5 / 14 kWh
Range95 / 175 / 230 km
Power12.5 kW (16.76 hp)
Torque89 Nm
Top Speed90 km/h
Charging3-4 hours
Curb Weight496 – 530 kg
Microlino EV Specs
Microlino EV
Microlino EV

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The main highlight of the Microlino is its dimensions. It can be thought of as a vehicle that is somewhere between a car and a bike. It has 4 wheels but is a 2-seater with a luggage space of 230 litres.

Microlino EVDimensions
Length2,519 mm
Width1,473 mm
Height1,501 mm
Boot Space230 litres
Microlino EV Dimensions

Features and Price

This cute little EV can seat 2 and comes with a sunroof, front opening doors, portable Bluetooth speakers, and a relatively ample room in the cabin. The price in the base model is €12,500. With the success of the first batch, the Microlino 2.0 is on the cards with a Unibody Structure, lightweight aluminium body and more powerful and efficient motors. Would you buy the Microlino EV for the specs, range and price that it comes with?